The Ballad of Paka

by Arlum Village

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W.G McDonnell
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W.G McDonnell Truly fantastic musical storytelling. Loved it start to finish. Favorite track: Under The Snow.
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"The Ballad of Paka" is the story of an aging warrior seeking to battle his own mortality. Also some wolves.

Will our hero find what he's looking for... or will love find him instead? (No)


released December 15, 2013

Music and Lyrics by Scott Archer**

**with the exceptions of:
select Bass Guitar on "The Hunted" (Brett Byron)
select lyrics on "Young Pup" (Brett Byron)
select lyrics on "Toothless" (Ian Endsley)
All Concertina and Stand-up Bass on "Under the Snow" (Brett Byron)

Artwork by Carter Lodwick

The Hunted:
Scott Archer - Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Misc.
Brett Byron - Bass
Gary Koers - Drums, Guitar

Young Pup:
Scott Archer - Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Misc.
Gary Koers - Drums

Scott Archer - Vocals, Guitar, Misc.
Gary Koers - Drums
Brett Byron - Cello
Brian Scott - Violin

Under The Snow:
Scott Archer - Vocals, Misc.
Carmen Oneida - Vocals
Gary Koers - Guitar
Brett Byron - Concertina, Misc.

Special thanks to:

Carmen Oneida
Ian Endsley
Brett Byron
Gary Koers
Carter Lodwick
Dan Kelly
Brian Scott
Seth Johnson
Robbie Jackson
Derek Cox
Hunter Hale
Carl Simmons
Paunch Gigabyte

For all of their support, feedback, and idea suggestions

Recorded at the Gary Koers Storage Wars®



all rights reserved


Arlum Village Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: The Hunted
I feel the knives
Gripped in their hands
I feel the eyes
Roll in their heads
They think they smell old blood
up in the pines

But my minds as sharp
as my trusty ore
and I'm as young
as ever before
They wanna count my rings?
We'll they're free to try

They took my life
and filled up my head
the hands raised me up
then ripped me to shreds
They don't know nothin' bout
what I can do
I think the gods would love
what I can do

They are the wolves
but I am a man
They have their fangs
but I have my hands
So i will break their jaws tonight

The village is bright
but I've had my fill
and I've earned the right
to rule or be killed
not to sleep peacefully
under the snow
Into my new, old life
I go
Track Name: Young Pup
From the hive I go
to slash the throats
of all of those
who guard the road

Oh those yellow eyes
I'll watch the life
and light drain from them
as you die

Through the clouded snow
I drag my boots
back to the only
love I've known

Though my body's cold
my soul is warm
with lust and wood
and fur and blood

My roots are pulled back in the ground
I'm whole again
I'm back to where I
Where I've always been

No, there's no one here
Without the praise
I'll shrivel up
and disappear

Move you useless legs
I'll cut you off
before I keep you
in my way

The gods'll make me whole again
please take me back
I wanna go back
to where I've been
Track Name: Toothless
I'm starting to think I have
made my first mistake

I feel my bones aching
but I can't stay awake

What's left here to face in this
dead circle of trees?

I offer myself but it
gives nothing to me

Oh this can't be real

With my axe I'll break it all
Everything I came here for
Your face reminds me of a friend
I had but I was younger then

And that's over now
Oh that's over now
Oh that's over now
So I'll take you down

So I'll take you down
So I'll take you down
Track Name: Under The Snow
The ice is coming home
crawling in my door

I'm freezing into stone
and It's all I hoped for

I'm going home
Under the snow
If it's time to say goodbye
then goodbye

My legacy is built
I can feel the shift

These fragments on the ground
are the blocks they'll build with

I am not a perfect man

but all their cubs
will know my name
and all my crimes
will wash away
I am not afraid
to die