The Pollen King

by Arlum Village

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"it's spring-themed, soft sci-fi and all about being the worst when you're young" - Ian Endsley

Will our hero find what he's looking for... or will love find him instead? (No)

Music and Lyrics by Scott Archer**

**with the exceptions of:
select Bass on "Parting of the Ways" (Brett Byron)
All FX on "It's Nothing" and "Parting of the Ways"(Brett Byron)
select viola harmonies on "Copper/Gold" (Brian Scott)
select lyrics on "Copper/Gold" (Ian Endsley)
select lyrics on "Parting of the Ways" (Ian Endsley)

Mixed and Engineered by:
Scott Archer, Brett Byron and Gary Koers

Artwork by Carmen McGhee, Carter Lodwick, and Scott Archer

EP 1
Scott Archer - Guitar, Vocals, Bass, etc.
Brett Byron - SFX
Carrington Clinton - Drums

EP 2
Ben Archer - Drums
Carmen McGhee - Select Piano
Brian Scott - Strings

EP 3
Brett Byron - Select Bass, SFX
Carrington Clinton - Drums
Gary Koers - Background Vocals

EP 4
Carrington Clinton - Drums
Gary Koers - Background Vocals

Special Thanks to:

Ben Archer
Pat Archer
Rene Archer
Carrington Clinton
Brett Byron
Ian Endsley
Dan Kelly
Gary Koers
Carter Lodwick
Carmen McGhee
Brian Scott

For all of their support, feedback, and idea suggestions

Recorded at the Gary Koers Storage Wars®


released June 1, 2015



all rights reserved


Arlum Village Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: It's Nothing
No more talking you should just go home
No one wants you you should just go home
Why bother with transmitters when
you’ve got nuthin to say to them

watch it floating off of everything
see the opportunity it brings
on touch and all the voices pass
Oh pollen season's come at last
Track Name: Copper/Gold
I feel the wind excite the leaves
watching from ancient flower trees

Their faces gold
glowing in the night
I watch alone

I feel the chill has finally gone
and with the spring the rain has come

I feel their words,
water in my mouth
I love you all

I feel the thirst consuming me
while they all blossom endlessly

with mud and rain
silence grounds me here
they blow away

Oooh don’t take this all from me
Oooh one more day just one more day
let me in
oh please don’t go
Track Name: Parting of the Ways
The noise it came and swallowed
everyone around
and left me all alone
inside my heavy crown

The Wind is blowing but it opens
up the clouds
And in the sun you’ll show them
everything you found
and be welcomed in

There they are
standing tall
just say anything at all
Open heart
Open mouth
Let it all come pouring out

the air is heavy
I can feel it weigh me down

and when the lightning came
it struck me to the ground

The earth is bitter now
and nothing new can grow

And in the screaming rain
there’s nowhere left to go

Look me in the face

They were wrong
They were fools
they’re not half as smart as you

You were brave
Raise you head
You can breathe as good as
Track Name: The Pollen King
white seeds
tapping on the glass

I’m safe
lying where I am
they can’t get to me

They won’t
hear a thing you say

And they’re not
worth it anyway
You're all I need

cause I’m the king of the pollen
and all of you bow to me when I
sink in my throne
and laugh alone
at all who deny me

So go on
Go enjoy the spring

The sun won't
illuminate a thing

Cause I am the light
and I keep the light

So breathe in
all the broken air

You can
have it I don’t care

I don’t need a thing
Cause I am the king